About Us

The rich history of New Bedford Massachusetts encapsulated in the detailed whaling murals displayed on the walls, the industrial light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, the original 20th century bank vaults and the name itself, Greasy Luck Brewpub.

The term “Greasy Luck” originates from the days when whaling ships dominated the horizons. In the early 19th century family and friends would gather at the docks to wish “Greasy Luck” upon those who were headed on a whaling voyage. Since then the term “Greasy Luck” has evolved into a general gesture of luck, good health, and success in any venture.

With 12 in house brews, a full menu, live music, and two event spaces, Greasy Luck has options for all.


Mark Martinho

Managing Partner

Mr. Martinho Graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science.  A member of a family management company Martinho has a extensive experience in all phases of real estate rehabilitation, specializing in residential and commercial management. Mark has also worked at New Bedford’s favorite and most popular Portuguese restaurant, Antonio’s, in multiple capacities since his family founded the business in 1989.

Al Peters

Managing Partner

Mr. Peters is a graduate of The University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He is quite familiar with business in Downtown New Bedford for he is the co-founder of Rose Alley Ale House and Cork Wine and Tapas. In addition to that he also owns numerous businesses in the health care industry, also located in New Bedford.

Howie Mallowes

Managing Partner

Mr. Mallowes is a lifelong resident of the Southeastern, MA  area, growing up in Mattapoisett and now residing in Dartmouth.   He graduated from The University of Massachusetss Dartmouth with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.   He is also co-founder of several other Downtown New Bedford establishments, those being the Rose Alley Ale House and Cultivator Shoals.  In addition, he is a Sourcing Recruiter for one of the nations largest defense contractors.   

Julie Martinho


Jen Peters


Holly Mallowes